Ricky Thornton Jr

6/21/2018 - 141 Speedway

6/21/2018 - 141 Speedway

Maribel, WI


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Ricky Thornton Jr.

Ricky Thornton Jr.

Martinsville, IN

IMCA Modifieds* Start Finish +/-
A Feature 1 1 -

IMCA Modifieds*

A Feature 1

Finish Start # Competitor Hometown +/-
1 20RT Ricky Thornton Jr. Ricky Thornton Jr. Martinsville, IN Martinsville, IN -
2 62 Hunter Marriott Hunter Marriott Brookfield, MO Brookfield, MO -
3 75P Terry Phillips Terry Phillips Springfield, MO Springfield, MO -
4 54 Benji LaCrosse Benji LaCrosse Casco, WI Casco, WI -
5 71C Troy Cordes Troy Cordes Dunkerton, IA Dunkerton, IA -
6 95D Dylan Smith Dylan Smith Osceola, NE Osceola, NE -
7 8K Kyle Strickler Kyle Strickler Mooresville, NC Mooresville, NC -
8 30 Jordan Grabouski Jordan Grabouski Beatrice, NE Beatrice, NE -
9 56C Jason Czarapata Jason Czarapata Pulaski, WI Pulaski, WI -
10 12H Jason Hughes Jason Hughes Watts, OK Watts, OK -
11 26J Joel Rust Joel Rust Grundy Center, IA Grundy Center, IA -
12 3 Kelly Shryock Kelly Shryock Fertile, IA Fertile, IA -
13 88 Josh Long Josh Long Little Suamico, WI Little Suamico, WI -
14 10C Cayden Carter Cayden Carter Oskaloosa, IA Oskaloosa, IA -
15 27W Jason Wolla Jason Wolla Ray, ND Ray, ND -
16 68 Mark Joski Mark Joski Denmark, WI Denmark, WI -
17 21S Steve Schneider Steve Schneider Chilton, WI Chilton, WI -
18 4TW Tim Ward Tim Ward Harcourt, IA Harcourt, IA -
19 21K Kyle Brown Kyle Brown Madrid, IA Madrid, IA -
20 9 zzzBilly zzzKendall zzzBilly zzzKendall Baxter, MN Baxter, MN -
21 90K Shawn Kilgore Shawn Kilgore New Franken, WI New Franken, WI -
22 72 Brian Mullen Brian Mullen Seymour, WI Seymour, WI -
23 33X Dan Roedl Dan Roedl Beaver Dam, WI Beaver Dam, WI -
DQ 99X Mike Mullen Mike Mullen Seymour, WI Seymour, WI -

B Feature 1

Finish Start # Competitor Hometown +/-
1 21L Brad Lautenbach Brad Lautenbach New Franken, WI New Franken, WI -
2 3K Todd Dart Todd Dart Algoma, WI Algoma, WI -
3 60IV Anthony Roth Anthony Roth Columbus, NE Columbus, NE -
4 OO R.M Van Pay R.M Van Pay Green Bay, WI Green Bay, WI -
5 75 Lance Arneson Lance Arneson Abrams, WI Abrams, WI -
6 90 Jeremy Jacobs Jeremy Jacobs Luxemburg, WI Luxemburg, WI -
7 O9 Kelsy Hayes Kelsy Hayes Hobart, WI Hobart, WI -
8 B1 Jeff Larson Jeff Larson Freeport, IL Freeport, IL -
9 525 Chase Parker Chase Parker Hortonville, WI Hortonville, WI -
10 757 Tony Wedelstadt Tony Wedelstadt Combined Locks, WI Combined Locks, WI -
11 28 Brandon Long Brandon Long Abrams, WI Abrams, WI -
12 15M Shane DeMey Shane DeMey Denison, IA Denison, IA -
13 77S Rodney Sanders Rodney Sanders Happy, TX Happy, TX -
14 58 Marcus Yarie Marcus Yarie Wausau, WI Wausau, WI -
15 2A Casey Arneson Casey Arneson Fargo, ND Fargo, ND -
16 O1 Jacob Hobscheidt Jacob Hobscheidt Plattsmouth, NE Plattsmouth, NE -
17 4 Cody Bauman Cody Bauman Eureka, IL Eureka, IL -
18 37L Brad Lubach Brad Lubach Kiel, WI Kiel, WI -
19 66X Tyler DeBouche Tyler DeBouche Green Bay, WI Green Bay, WI -
20 21D David Brown David Brown Kellogg, IA Kellogg, IA -
21 13L Eddie Lemay Eddie Lemay Beaver Dam, WI Beaver Dam, WI -
22 20 Brad Theys Brad Theys Suamico, WI Suamico, WI -
23 18 Brock Bauman Brock Bauman Eureka, IL Eureka, IL -
24 72J Justin Ritchie Justin Ritchie New London, WI New London, WI -
25 28C Joel Crowbridge Joel Crowbridge Union Grove, WI Union Grove, WI -
26 75K Cameron Kuxhouse Cameron Kuxhouse Antioch, IL Antioch, IL -
27 47 Jason Hyerdall Jason Hyerdall Plover, WI Plover, WI -
28 95B Jeffrey Bodendorfer Jr Jeffrey Bodendorfer Jr Waterford, WI Waterford, WI -
29 26V AJ Viehauser AJ Viehauser Brainerd, MN Brainerd, MN -
30 25R Russ Reinwald Russ Reinwald Beaver Dam, WI Beaver Dam, WI -
31 11Z Josh Zdroik Josh Zdroik Greenville, WI Greenville, WI -
32 2JR Wyatt Block Wyatt Block Tigerton, WI Tigerton, WI -
33 5L Josh Lambert Josh Lambert East Krok, WI East Krok, WI -
34 Z84 Dave Zeitler Dave Zeitler Luxemburg, WI Luxemburg, WI -
35 8 Jay Matthias Jay Matthias Green Bay, WI Green Bay, WI -
36 103 Brekken Kleinschmidt Brekken Kleinschmidt Shawano, WI Shawano, WI -
37 8T Wade Taylor Wade Taylor Spring Creek, NV Spring Creek, NV -
38 K9 Tyler Wilson Tyler Wilson Little Suamico, WI Little Suamico, WI -
39 88X Jarrett Brown Jarrett Brown Ainsworth, IA Ainsworth, IA -
40 94 J.J Andersen J.J Andersen De Pere, WI De Pere, WI -
41 O8 Johnny Whitman Johnny Whitman Suamico, WI Suamico, WI -
42 505 Racer Hulin Racer Hulin Laurel, IA Laurel, IA -
43 70 Jesse Dennis Jesse Dennis Corning, IA Corning, IA -
44 92P John Parmeley John Parmeley Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ -
45 26F Shawn Fletcher Shawn Fletcher Brainerd, MN Brainerd, MN -
46 2G Troy Girolamo Troy Girolamo Williston, ND Williston, ND -
47 31 Corey Dripps Corey Dripps Reinbeck, IA Reinbeck, IA -
48 777 Al Hejna Al Hejna Clear Lake, IA Clear Lake, IA -
49 64 Griffin McGrath Griffin McGrath Cedar Rapids, IA Cedar Rapids, IA -
50 69S TJ Smith TJ Smith Greenville, WI Greenville, WI -
51 0P Hunter Parsons Hunter Parsons Green Bay, WI Green Bay, WI -
52 94N Dan Nelson Dan Nelson Homesville, NE Homesville, NE -
53 00JR Race Van Pay Race Van Pay Green Bay, WI Green Bay, WI -
54 333 Rob Charapata Rob Charapata OCONTO, WI OCONTO, WI -
55 19D Darin Duffy Darin Duffy Urbana, IA Urbana, IA -
56 O5 Mike Mashl Mike Mashl Depere, WI Depere, WI -
57 40 Brian Crapser Brian Crapser Brookfield, WI Brookfield, WI -
58 44 Adam Hensel Adam Hensel Baldwin, WI Baldwin, WI -

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